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Learn how to make your dog as happy as they make you.

Making Dogs Happy["The Expert Guide to Being Your Dog's Best Friend"]
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The relationship between horses and humans is an ancient, profound and complex one. For millennia horses provided the strength and speed that humans lacked. How we travelled, farmed and fought was dictated by the needs of this... read more

Farewell to the Horse: The Final Century of Our Relationship
$24.99(AUD) inc GST

In this inspiring book, best-selling author and "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan uses decades of experience to reveal the many ways that dogs and people can enrich each other's lives, sharing eight essential life lessons imparted by a group of very spec... read more

Cesar Millan's Lessons From The Pack
$24.99(AUD) inc GST

Can horses feel shame? Do deer grieve? Why do roosters deceive their hens? Humans tend to assume that we are the only living things able to experience feelings intensely and consciously. But have you ever wondered what... read more

The Inner Life of Animals : Surprising Observations of a Hidden World
$19.99(AUD) inc GST

Like A Streecat Named Bob before it, Finding Gobi is a truly heart-warming story for animal lovers worldwide...
In 2016, Dion Leonard, a seasoned ultramarathon runner, unexpec... read more

Finding Gobi - The True Story of a Little Dog with a Lot of Stamina


 Animals/Natural History

Every cow just wants to be happy. Every chicken just wants to be free. Every bear, dog, or mouse experiences sorrow and feels pain as intensely as any of us humans do. In a compelling appeal to reason and human kindness, Matthieu Ricard here takes the arguments... read more

A Plea For The Animals,


 Animals/Natural History

Join Jo-Rosie Haffenden and Nando Brown, the animal trainers from ITV's Teach My Pet To Do That, as they reveal how any dog can learn new tricks This simple, practical guide will have you and your pooch mastering the basics of trick training in no time and openi... read more

Teach My Dog To Do That


 Animals/Natural History

Meet Molly Polly, the diabetes alert dog whose round-the-clock job is to keep her two young owners healthy; Bailey, the Assistant Director of Seagulls, who keeps the pesky birds away from the heritage vessels at the Australian National Maritime Museum; and Daisy, the Col... read more

Dogs with Jobs

History is full of strange animal stories, invented by the brightest and most influential, from Aristotle to Disney, and they reveal as much about us and the things we believe as they do about the animals they misrepresent. We once thought that eels w... read more

The Unexpected Truth About Animals

A captivating journey into the inner lives of plants - from the colours they see to the schedules they keep. How does a Venus flytrap know when to snap shut? Can a fern get jet lag? Do roses remember the romance of springtime? In What a Pl... read more

What a Plant Knows: a Field Guide to the Senses