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A stunning exploration of over 80 famous artists and their fascinating lives, from Giotto to the present day. Artists: Their Lives and Works tells the inspiring stories behind the world's most famous masterpieces and their creators, including their i... read more

Artists: Their Lives and Works

Since Henry Lawson wrote his story 'The Drover's Wife' in 1892, Australian writers, painters, performers and photographers have created a wonderful tradition of Drover's Wife works, stories and images.The Russell Drysdale painting from 1945 has becom... read more

The Drover's Wife: A Collection


 Art/Decorative arts/Graphics

“Majestic...Isaacson takes on another complex, giant figure and transforms him into someone we can recognize...Enthralling, masterful, and passionate.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “A monumental tribute to a titanic figure.”&md... read more

Leonardo da Vinci (HB)

Who was the model for Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring? How were the Nazca Lines- the giant drawings scrawled across Peru's desert coast- created? Why is Botticelli's The Birth of Venus an ingenious example of mathematic computati... read more

The Museum of Mysteries: Art's Best Kept Secrets


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A new perspective Western culture s great rebirth Art as we know it today would not exist without the Renaissance. Widely considered the most influential phenomenon in European art, architecture, literature, and science, the movement revolutionized the Western conce... read more

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In THEFT BY FINDING, David Sedaris opened up his written diaries (and himself) to the world in an unprecedented way. Now, in this illustrated volume, readers will for the first time be able to experience the elaborate, three-dimensional, handmade fo... read more

David Sedaris Visual Compendium


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Series:Masterpieces of Art

The painful, exquisite art of Mexico's favourite artist was a product of immense physical pain, and an emotional tumultuous life. The new book features the range and power of her heavily autobiographical work, from the early, disturbing explorations... read more

Frida Kahlo Masterpieces of Art

Il divino Meet the Renaissance master Before reaching the tender age of 30, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 1564) had already sculpted Pieta and David, two of the most famous sculptures in the entire history of art. As ... read more

Michelangelo: The Complete Paintings, Sculptures and Architecture


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A Revolution in Painting The mysterious genius who transformed European art Caravaggio, or more accurately Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610), was always a name to be reckoned with. Notorious bad boy of Italian painting, the artist was at once ... read more

Caravaggio - Complete Works


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"When I got to New Mexico that was mine. As soon as I saw it that was my country.”Despite Georgia’s own assertions that a biographic interpretation of her work will yield little insight, it is plain to see that the various places Georgia called... read more

Georgia O'Keeffe at Home

Andy Goldsworthy: Projects presents a decade of the artist's large-scale sculptural work from around the world. Using local materials-including stone, clay, and wood-Goldsworthy's projects are inspired by and interact with the natural landscape. Each proj... read more

Andy Goldsworthy: Projects
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All earthly existence must ultimately be contained in a book.'French poet StUphane MallarmU understood that books hold the world's stories. From the earliest known myths and legends to postmodern fictions, books are mirrors of real worlds, windows into imagin... read more

The World of the Book